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Banca Generali: gold medal in Green Asset Management 2023


Banca Generali: gold medal in Green Asset Management 2023

Banca Generali opens 2023 with another prestigious recognition of the value of service: our asset management won the gold medal for "Best Asset Managers Green 2023," as well as being included in the small circle of "Best Asset Managers in Italy 2023."

The recognition comes from the German Institute of Quality and Finance, which each year analyzes investment portfolio proposals for a typical client developed by leading Italian financial players. Specifically, the team of experts asked Italian banks to develop two investment portfolios, "classic" and "sustainable," taking into consideration the current market scenario. And it was precisely in this second category that our bank excelled: its marked exposure to ESG investments, the customization of its offerings, and the quality of its fund selection made the difference.

With 20 years of experience in asset management, as of 2019 characterized by a sustainable imprinting, our asset management team - entrusted to the leadership of Mario Beccaria - now has 38 professionals. In a black year such as 2022, asset managements have proved to be, with more than 1 billion euros, among the Bank's main sources of inflows.

"This recognition rewards the work of Banca Generali's asset management department, which is now composed of 7 management teams with different approaches and management styles, addressing different types of clients and needs. This innovative approach has been accompanied by a very strong focus on sustainability through careful integration of ESG criteria into our strategic choices. The Institute's medal joins the positive feedback from our bankers and their clients, motivating us to continue further on this path of excellence. Despite the complex year we have recently left behind, we managed to confirm our positioning in private services thanks to active management, dynamism and personalization of our offer," commented Mario Beccaria, Head of Asset Management.

The German Institute for Quality and Finance's assessment focused on three subcategories (Sustainability Questionnaire, ESG-Score, and Risk/Return) and gave the lion's bank a score of 95 on a scale of 0 to 100. In fact, the Institute emphasized how ESG lines co-participated together with traditional asset classes to achieve positioning above market benchmarks.

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