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Hidden Wonders



30 September 2019

Hidden Wonders

On Tuesday 8 October, Banca Generali opens the doors of the Hadid Tower – the futuristic skyscraper of Milan CityLife, headquarter of the Generali Group - for an exhibition celebrating the beauty of Italian artistic and cultural heritage. The idea behind Hidden Wonders, the project ideated by Stefano Guindani in collaboration with Banca Generali and FAI, is to represent with 20 pictures some of the historic buildings, houses and churches among the most beautiful in the country.

Stefano Guindani, an international fashion photographer with a deep passion for social reportage, is the curator of the exhibition and the author of the pictures.

Stefano Guindani commented: “I’m happy to present my pictures in an exhibition that brings the beauty of Italian architecture in this extraordinary skyscraper, one of the symbols of Italy looking to the future. This project gave me the opportunity to visit some buildings and extraordinary places which I wanted to represent with my camera. I hope that this exhibition will contribute to raising public awareness of the importance of safeguarding our cultural heritage. In this regard, I would like to thank the FAI, which has been working in this direction for many years.”

Through photography, considered a tool able to provide a different and original interpretation of reality, Guindani immortalized palaces, houses, churches, museums and archaeological sites of the FAI during the FAI Spring Days, valuing the foundation’s activity of dedicated and passionate guardian. The pictures are now the subject of the exhibition with the aim of showing how Italy is a wonderful country, rich of hidden beauties envied all over the world.

Gian Maria Mossa, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Banca Generali, commented: “We are happy to open the doors of the Hadid Tower to this exhibition that celebrates the wonders of the FAI through Stefano Guindani’s eyes, that are sensitive to beauty and attentive to details. For six years we have been lucky to be at the side of the FAI in the spring days and with this exhibition we hope to continue to inspire curiosity and attention to the extraordinary work of the Foundation and the wonderful sites which it safeguards and hosts.”

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Tuesday 8 October and will be open for free until 15 November 2019.


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