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Banca Generali Awarded the "Stakeholder Engagement 2013"


Banca Generali has been awarded the National Merit Award Stakeholder Engagement E.DI.VA. 2013. This important recognition was given yesterday at Fondazione Culturale Ambrosianeum in Milan by the President of E.DI.VA, Gianni Vernocchi, to the Joint General Manager of the Banking Institution, Giancarlo Fancel.

E.DI.VA has bestowed the Award to Banca Generali “"for having included in its 2012 Annual Financial Report a new chapter on Corporate Social Responsibility, in which it discusses the subject of policies in support of families and the young, whereas in its 2012 Sustainability Report positive space has been dedicated to stakeholder engagement activities as important signs of receptiveness and openness to dialogue, acknowledging the requirements made by the stakeholders at the shareholders’ meeting.”"

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