Banca Generali has recorded the best August performance ever in terms of net inflows, which amounted to €310 million, up 43% compared to the same month of the previous year. Net inflows of managed products grew even more markedly to €306 million, up by over 60% compared to August 2015.

Total net inflows rose by 37% to €3.8 billion YTD. Market uncertainties over the past few months have heightened demand for qualified advisory to protect assets and the Bank’s innovating tools together with the accuracy of its professionals succeeded in comprehensively meeting this need. August saw a continuation of the uptrend of managed solutions for private customers. Net inflows of the new wrappers of managed products marked by a high level of customisation and asset protection, insurance covers and innovative services amounted to €213 million. The new “"BG Solution”" gathered €129 million net inflows and the multi-line “BG Stile Libero Private Insurance” totalled €84 million. Since inception in March 2016, BG Solution has gathered €732 million, whereas "BG Stile Libero" has reached €762 million net inflows YTD, for a total of €1.5 billion, accounting for 58% of total net inflows of managed products for the period.

General Manager Gian Maria Mossa stated: “"The outstanding work of our professionals to help households protect their assets continued over the past few weeks as, despite reduced volatility, the markets were not free from unknowns and uncertainties. Our new managed solutions are attracting much attention, especially from private customers who are provided a dedicated range of products, with bespoke insurance covers and services, as well as next generation advisory services aimed to stabilise portfolios through models that minimise volatility risks. Our strategic focus on the risk concept is indeed a distinctive feature of our advisory services. We look towards the coming months with great enthusiasm".”

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