Banca Generali celebrates ten years of listing on the Italian Stock Exchange with an event that traces the evolution of the business model and the challenges ahead. From the initial debut at 8 euro in November 2016, the society has brought to light one of the best titles in the stock market and in the financial sector, registering a earnings for shareholders of 302% (in terms of total return including dividends). The satisfaction for shareholders has also affected the coupons that totaled € 655 million euro, confirming its first place in Italy between banks in dividend percentage (0.18 euro in 2006 1.20 per share in 2015).

The business development can be seen from the analysis of the main indicators: the masses have passed 17,000,000,000 to 45.4000000000 (+ 15% y / y, to the nine months 2016, compared to an average Assoreti + 3.5%) , profits from 1.7 (2005) to 118 million (9 months 2016). The collection has touched in October a new peak of 4.5 billion (+ 36%, against an average Assoreti down 9% *), surpassing the result of last year which was the best in its history. "Ten years in which the bank has changed its face before becoming a benchmark in financial consulting and then a player in private banking for innovation and quality of the solutions available to families. The soundness and growth capacity of our business model, with the role of advisors and private bankers Central, propel us to new even more ambitious goals. "

The ten years of Banca Generali on the stock market were accompanied by a special event at Palazzo Mezzanotte where the top management met the financial community in an industrial presentation. The focus of the placement of the first private bank and the distinctive services in the world of wealth management in asset protection. After the presentation of the Director General Gian Maria Mossa, along with the two deputy general managers -Stefano Grassi and Andrea Ragaini - in the evening was held on the talk show "The Evolution of talent" which has seen alongside the General Manager sportswriter Federico funny and testimonial Alessandro Del Piero (testimonial of the company since 2008 since the launch of the services in the management proxy) and starred chef Davide Oldani (testimonial from 2015) that shares the spirit of great quality accessible to families.


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