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Finance and Private Banking: Banca Generali is 2021 Best Employer


Finance and Private Banking: Banca Generali is 2021 Best Employer

Banca Generali is the best place to work in Italy in the finance and private banking industry.

This was confirmed by independent research conducted by the German Quality and Finance Institute, which analysed the panorama of large companies in Italy to assess which are the best employers in each sector.

In the financial field, Banca Generali managed to overcome the traditional supremacy held by American Express, taking first place with the maximum score: 100 points. Banca Ifis rounded out the podium in this special ranking with 82.6 points, while Banca Mediolanum came in fourth, far behind with just 61.1 points.

In its analysis, the German Institute of Quality and Finance took into consideration 27 indicators including working climate, professional development, growth prospects, sustainability and corporate values.

Through a mix of direct analysis, social listening and the use of artificial intelligence, the Institute then determined the ranking and awarded medals in the field of employee welfare, which has taken on an additional dimension and social significance with the pandemic.


Private Banking: People first

In recent years we have paid particular attention to investments made in the development, growth and management of our People, through the dissemination of a corporate culture based on shared values and the enhancement of diversity and inclusion.

We have also invested heavily in the growth of skills, with major investments aimed at creating new professionalism to support the achievement of business objectives.

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed the issue of Human Capital even more at the centre, identifying the protection of resources and their development as the main priorities to ensure business continuity with a view to sustainable growth.

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