15 December 2020

Banca Generali with Conio for digital innovation

Our open architecture model is enriched with a new element to make the offer to Banca Generali's customers ever more complete. Today, in fact, a new strategic partnership is starting with Conio Inc., the Italian fintech active in the crypto-currency sector. The partnership will have both a corporate and commercial nature and provides for the entry of Banca Generali into the capital of Conio Inc, to support the growth of the company, and the distribution of its products within the digital offer of our bank for customers.

The partnership between Banca Generali and Conio

Banca Generali acted as main investor in a Conio Inc. capital increase operation approved for a
total of USD 14 million.

Among wallet providers, Conio Inc. stands out with its exclusive technology and patents  designed to ensure secure custody and reduce counterparty risk. These include a digital currency custody system with multiple signatures (with three security keys), which may be extended to further digital currencies in the future.

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