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Banca Generali wins the 2022 asset management gold medal


Banca Generali wins the 2022 asset management gold medal

Banca Generali’s asset managers have won the gold medal as “Best Asset Managers 2022".

The award was bestowed by the German Quality and Finance Institute, which analysed the investment portfolio proposals developed by the main Italian financial operators.

Of these, just ten companies received quality certification, with Banca Generali ranking first place in traditional asset management and second place in green asset management. The opinions of the Institute’s experts were shaped by various factors, starting with the thorough reorganisation of the asset management team, which resulted in the development of an innovative structure consisting of seven teams, each corresponding to the various management lines.

This approach has yielded fruit over the past two years, with performances obtained generally above the market benchmarks, including due to the contribution of the ESG certified lines. This latter point was, in fact, particularly appreciated by the Institute, which emphasised the analysis of the various asset classes and companies strictly from a sustainability standpoint.

We are very pleased with this recognition, which rewards the work done by Banca Generali's asset management team. Over the last three years, we have worked on a thorough reorganisation that has resulted in us now having full-fledged management teams with different management approaches and styles, which focus on various types of clients and needs. This innovative approach has been accompanied by a very strong focus on sustainability through thorough management of ESG criteria in our strategic choices. The Institute’s award comes along with the positive feedback from our bankers and their clients, motivating us to continue along this path to excellence,” commented Mario Beccaria, Head of Asset Management, Banca Generali.

Banca Generali benefited in particular from three elements: its broad level of diversification, the quality of the products selected and, more generally, its focus on sustainable development, inspired by the principles of social responsibility in investments.

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