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Banca Generali nominated Best Italian Bank for ESG


Banca Generali wins the Leone D’Oro 2019 Award for Best Italian Bank for ESG Strategy. The award was presented on Wednesday 12 June to Banca Generali's Deputy General Manager, Andrea Ragaini, during the MF Global Awards, the annual appointment organized by Milano Finanza to award the leading companies in the financial sector in Italy.

Banca Generali received the award for its commitment to the promotion of sustainable investments through an innovative and unique project in Italy that provides for the integration within the financial advisory platform of a series of filters that allow the construction of profiled portfolios on 17 SDGs of the 2030 UN Agenda.

"We are delighted with this award that recognizes our commitment to bringing customers and bankers closer to assessments and the impact of ESG factors in investment decisions. We firmly believe in the importance of sustainable growth capable of creating value for all stakeholders and the innovation of this tool represents a significant step forward for consultancy ", said Banca Generali Deputy General Manager Andrea Ragaini on the sidelines of the award ceremony.

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