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Banca Generali presents the first Observatory on SME's Governance


Banca Generali, PwC Tax & Legal Services (TLS) and SDA Bocconi - in collaboration with Cerved - present the first Observatory on the Governance of unlisted companies, a three-year project that will focus on the analysis of the practices among medium and large unlisted companies - using listed companies as a "benchmark" - and will analyze the impacts and benefits of good governance on the business. The results of the Observatory will be published annually.

Directed by Alessandro Minichilli (SDA Professor and Associate Professor Bocconi University) and managed by Daniela Montemerlo (SDA Professor and Professor of the Insubria University), the Observatory will analyze the statutes, the forms of control and the governance practices of companies with revenues exceeding 50 million euros, for a total of over 3,000 companies. The research aims to investigate the correlations between forms of governance and economic-financial performance. There are three levels of analysis of the Observatory: in terms of corporate governance, the Observatory will analyze the governance choices and consequent performance, with attention to sustainability issues; at the level of ownership governance, the choices of corporate structure, planning and succession in ownership and opening of the share capital will instead be analyzed; at a third level it will reflect on the space for investment activities and for the management of shareholders' assets, with the aim of encouraging the growth and professional involvement of members or future members who are not even involved in the business.

"Corporate governance is a key element in stimulating the development and strategy of a company and is the gateway to dialogue with investors. Our commitment alongside entrepreneurs and businesses is not limited to asset protection but increasingly concerns all those challenges aimed at sustainable growth over time. Corporate governance is certainly one of the areas on which it is necessary to concentrate analysis and attention in order to accurately study the state of the art of our SMEs and draw constructive guidelines to favor their competitiveness on the markets. As Banca Generali we are very happy to be among the promoters of this initiative with Sda Bocconi, which we hope will best spread the best practices in the sector, as well as the growing awareness of the importance that these hold in the comparison on global markets "- stated Gian Maria Mossa, CEO of Banca Generali.

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