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Results of the 2019 Private Banking Observatory presented


Results of the 2019 Private Banking Observatory presented

An increasingly close relationship between private banking and sustainable investments: this is what emerged from the analysis of the 2019 Private Banking Observatory, the project developed by Banca Generali and LIUC to monitor the trends that characterize the private banking and wealth management industry.

The results for the 2019 edition of the Observatory were presented at a round table held on Wednesday 20 November at Palazzo Turati, Milan.
The meeting was opened by Anna Gervasoni, president of the scientific committee of the Observatory, who commented on the results of the research: “Sustainable investments are characterized by a limited risk profile and for this reason they are in line with the dominant strategy in the construction of a private portfolio, that is the conservation and protection of the assets. Sustainability, however, is not a fashion but a precise choice. Private customers do not require a simple Esg product, but a more general sustainable approach and an Esg investment strategy".

During the evening, the General Manager of Banca Generali, Andrea Ragaini, also spoke. He commented: “The returns on sustainable investments present lower risks because if a company is valued with Esg parameters, some potential negative factors are intercepted that the only financial analysis can be missed ”.

The 2019 edition of the Private Banking Observatory also saw the contribution of two leading international investment companies that are characterized by a sustainable approach to investments: Blackrock and Natixis.

Different perspectives in comparison that have comprehensively framed the question: having abandoned the idea of ​​sustainability as an exclusion from the investments of those companies from the business considered controversial, today we are witnessing the spread of a positive approach, aimed at rewarding and supporting business models that they are distinguished by virtuous practices in the areas related to the environment, social issues and good corporate governance, with a return not only for the investor, but for the entire community.

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