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Award for Banca Generali Groups website



Milan, 17 November 2008 – The Banca Generali’s corporate website ( won the special award “Best Improver”, that is the company that has more significantly improved its position ranking 16° in the “H&H Webranking 2008 Italia Top80”. The website, that ranked 54° in 2007, obtained an assessment that allowed it to gain 38 positions, the best performance of all the companies in the ranking.

The H&H Webranking survey, now in its seventh annual edition, evaluates the quality of corporate online financial and institutional communication strategies of the 83 companies with the highest market capitalisations, listed in Milan. The survey is the result of an analysis regarding the demands and preferences of 360 professionals, (including analysts, investors and business journalists) on the contents and the functionality of institutional websites.

The Italian edition is part of a wider European survey, that includes 700 companies in 20 different countries and which analyses the financial and institutional information published on the English website version. The 150 largest European companies by market capitalisations take part to the “H&H Webranking Europe”. The European survey, now in its twelfth edition, is carried out in cooperation with Financial Times.

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