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10/12/2014 - Banca Generali Wins the award for the Best 2015 Home Banking Ranking


Banca Generali has been awarded first place in the prestigious ranking drawn up by Osservatorio Finanziario, which recognises the top ten Internet banking services, winning the gold medal for its excellence in fundamental areas such as brand awareness, innovation and security.

After having ranked in last year’s top ten banks, Banca Generali moved up several positions in the ranking, thanks in part to its investments in the Advisor Personal Page project, the first digital showcase on the Italian market created by a Bank for its sales network.
This new digital tool is an additional channel through which Banca Generali's customers can access their online accounts, as well as an innovative means of contacting their Advisors.

The website’s focus on innovation and security, through a broad range of products and services, was an additional crucial factor in the Osservatorio Finanziario’s assessment process. The ranking was based on approximately one hundred parameters and evaluated Italy’s 30 major financial institutions.
The projects in the areas of Personal Financial Management (Family Budgeting), Online Payments (BG Masterpass) and Home Banking Transaction Security (Secure Call) also played a significant role.

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