Discovering our dreams, pursuing and achieving them: this is what inspires everyone’s life. But in order to be successful, we need to rely on trusted people able to advise us in the right way in all the key choices, just as Banca Generali's financial advisors do with their customers. This is the concept behind "Shaping your dreams", the new advertising campaign of Banca Generali that will be online on all major Italian sites.

Designed and developed only for the web, "Shaping Your Dreams" associates BG Personal Advisory with the star-chef Davide Oldani who for 4 years has wanted Banca Generali as a partner in his professional and family career. An elegant campaign, in line with the private bank image and the value-added services offered by Banca Generali.

The visual is developed following the personal path of the celebrated chef: the emotions lived as a child in the kitchen with the mother take shape in the dishes they make that become increasingly complex and refined, to reach the excellence of the final form, that of the professional Recognized worldwide, but does not forget its roots.

Designed by the artists of M&C Saatchi, the world's leading graphics agency, "Shaping Your Dreams" is a 100% native advertising campaign, in keeping with the most advanced digital adv techniques: a video product that seeks to engage emotionally, User without disturbing him in the enjoyment of the information content he has searched for.

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