Banca Generali presents a new collaboration with Davide Oldani. The starred chef will accompany the bank's image as a new ambassador and will feature in a series of exclusive events with our customers.

Talent and innovation together with the highest quality research as a recipe for services of excellence within the walls of a prestigious restaurant as well as in the care of financial services. Professionalism intended as dedication and expertise in customer relations are some of the elements that unite the two worlds in a metaphor that emphasizes the distinctive appearance of the two protagonists: Oldani and Banca Generali.

The new partnership between Banca Generali and Davide Oldani was officially presented on March 31, 2015 at a press conference in Sala Buzzati at newspaper Corriere della Sera's historic Milan offices. CEO Piermario Motta, Chef Davide Oldani and Samsung Electronics Italia's Senior Vice President Carlo Barlocco attended the event entitled "Accessible and innovative quality: who wins in the new normality of a post-crisis economy" in a panel discussion moderated by Corriere della Sera's Deputy Director, Daniele Manca.

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