The Cattaneo University (LIUC) and Banca Generali, with the support of HSBC and Kairos, start the first permanent observatory on Private Banking in Italy. The purpose of the study, which will take place annually, is to monitor the sector, examine relevant topics and provide a precise picture of the private banking market. The Observatory aims to establish itself as an accredited reference point and as a recognized information source for the sector. The research has two main objectives: firstly, to map, periodically update and assess the evolution of a "set" of indicators and macroeconomic and microeconomic factors, to help understand the Private Banking sector in the more general economic context and investigate critical aspects of the market such as portfolio management and the evolution of services offered. The Observatory's second objective is to create an index to determine the trend and overall direction of the market, providing a valid and immediate analysis tool. As part of these activities, the Centre will focus its attention on specific topics each year such as the evolution of the bank's service and business model, the international comparison with other systems, the relationship between bank and entrepreneur and the importance of the generational shift. Study and monitoring activities will be conducted using third party data and using qualitative and quantitative data taken on an ad hoc basis, depending on the specific lines of research addressed.

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