From 21 May to 30 September 2015, Banca Generali Private Banking’s office, located at Piazza Sant’Alessandro 4 in Milan, will be hosting an exhibition that marks an important turning point in the artistic style of Fabrizio Plessi, one of Italy’s best known and most appreciated artists at the international level.

For the first time in his long career, the artist — a native of Reggio Emilia who has made Venice his home — breaks the pattern that has characterised his work to date, with Digital Wall, to be unveiled at the exhibit.
Plessi’s works will occupy all of the spaces available at the Milan offices, through the installation of real digital walls. Vertical flashes of light affixed to the wall, the screens will be assembled into large mosaics and will show videos featuring the artist’s most typical motifs: water, fire and lava. 
Digital Wall’s novelty lies in its removal of all support from the screens, thus completely freeing them of structure and effectively doing away with the theatrical touch that had previously characterised Fabrizio Plessi’s oeuvre.
Digital Wall is also an example of how Plessi’s vision, through the magic of new technology, maintains close ties with contemporary life and its most current themes.

Also worthy of note among the exhibit’s innovative features is BG Events, a smartphone and tablet app developed by Banca Generali with the aim of making the visiting experience even more unique. Through BG Events, users will be able to interact with the works on display, which will be commented upon by the artist himself in exclusive videos describing the emotions and creative processes behind them. 
Available for download from Play Store for Android and from Apple Store for iOS, the BG Events app is based on the principle of augmented reality (AR), i.e., the process of taking images from the physical world and then overlaying them with digital information.

Milan, office of Banca Generali Private Banking (Piazza Sant’Alessandro 4)
21 May - 30 September 2015

Public opening times
From 21 May, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, by appointment:

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