“From 8 February to 3 May 2018, Banca Generali, with support from the Municipality of Milan, presents “Io siamo Resilienza / I are Resilience” a large sculpture (320 cm tall) by Christian Balzano (Livorno, Italy, 1969), one of the most interesting figures in the contemporary Italian art scene.

The sculpture, on display outside in central Milan, at Via Torino 29/01, depicts a bull upside-down that duplicates itself by reproducing its image on a reflecting map of Milan composed of overlapping continents.

This piece, which summarises the theme that Christian Balzano has developed in his work over the last decade, is part of the series of the artist’s solo exhibition on display until 27 April 2018 at Banca Generali Private premises in Milan, Piazza Sant’Alessandro 4.

Curated by Marco Bazzini and organised in collaboration with Boxart Verona, this exhibition entitled “"Resilienza / Resilience"” features 30 recent paintings and sculptures, as well as a number of works created by the Tuscan artist during the past ten years. The exhibition traces Balzano’s artistic journey towards a deep reflexion on the human being immersed in the present. The very title of the exhibition," “Resilienza / Resilience”", refers to the capacity to react and rise again, stronger and without being beaten down by difficulties and adversities dictated by fate. The ability to evoke new strategies and new rituals makes art one of the oldest forms of resilience.

In the words of Marco Bazzini, “"Confronting Balzano’s paintings or sculptures means embarking on a new adventure in the winding maze within each of us, uncovering and digging deeply into our instincts. Confronting Balzano’s works is like looking into a mirror, and it is no coincidence that one of the main themes of his pieces are gold backgrounds and other reflective surfaces.”"

Balzano’s bull as a metaphor for human beings is profoundly moving, and with the ancestral strength associated with its meaning in various cultures it thrusts us into a world of hope, desire and action, an extraordinary ode to positivity and an invitation to turn challenges into opportunities, to take control of one’s own destiny,” stated Gian Maria Mossa, Chief Executive Officer of Banca Generali, who also added, “The sculpture’s élan and power are the perfect distillation of these concepts, which become even more evocative and meaningful in light of Milan’s global reputation for dynamism.”"

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