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Over 35k people for Beatrice Venezi and La Fenice


Over 35k people for Beatrice Venezi and La Fenice

Our commitment to the enhancement of culture and art is enriched with an important new project: "Fenice Opera House is in the Air".

The cycle of events promoted by the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, which aims to bring classical music to the general public, saw the light with the first event held Saturday, July 18. Over 35k spectators tuned live to watch and listen to the Adagio by Samuel Barber directed by Maestro Beatrice Venezi.

In the spectacular setting of the Venetian Theatre, Maestro Venezi conducted the 'Orchestra de La Fenice among the timeless notes of the American composer through the social channels of the Teatro La Fenice, Banca Generali and Beatrice Venezi.

Beatrice Venezi stated: "I am honored to have taken part in a project that aims to democratize classical music, a genre that is often wrongly considered as not within the reach of everyone. Performing in one of the symbols of Italian culture with a song like the Adagio di Barber was very exciting for me and I hope that this initiative can be a good omen for the future of our country".

Michele Seghizzi, our Marketing and External Relations Director, said: "We are delighted to contribute to the realization of this project that has given thousands of Italians the opportunity to access one of the most beautiful theaters in the World and listen to the perfect harmony of an Orchestra. The elegance and mastery in the direction of Beatrice Venezi have also brought that added value with her we want to exploit to spread the passion for classical music, always recognized as Italian excellence".

Fenice Opera House is in the Air

Fenice Opera House is in the Air is the online educational project of the Fondazione Teatro La Fenice in Venice which proposes digital contents where artistic execution and didactic focus meet to reveal the fascinating world of music production.

The initiative aims to be a point of reference for schools, fans of classical music, opera and for all families who will have the opportunity to be involved in the daily life of the Venetian theater. On the site, students and teachers will have the opportunity to access multimedia content designed as educational paths that will deepen the musical, artistic, historical and dramaturgical aspects and that will help to understand how complex and how many different skills are necessary for the production of a live show.

Banca Generali & Beatrice Venezi

Started in 2020, the collaboration between our Bank and Beatrice Venezi will be expressed in a series of initiatives dedicated to Italian classical music. All the details of the collaboration will be announced in the coming weeks.

Beatrice Venezi, Italian excellence in the world and testimonial of Banca Generali, is the first Italian female conductor.

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