10 December 2020

Banca Generali and Credimi supporting SMEs

A new story to support Italian SMEs and the country's economy with "La Porta Nuova e La Porta Forte srl", an Italian company specializing in the production of doors and windows, as the protagonist.

In May, the company obtained a loan thanks to Italianonsiferma, the credit securitization initiative implemented in partnership with Credimi, quickly and easily thanks to the fintech platform, concretely contributing to not blocking the supply chain .

With an extremely linear process, the companies that apply for funding are analyzed by the Credimi platform and, within a few days, the liquidity is disbursed. A mechanism that turns out to be the fuel for many companies.

The owner of the company, Alessandro Casassa Mont, says: "During the first lockdown, we needed liquidity to purchase materials but not only: we also needed a loan to pay some suppliers who asked us to be paid so as not to be without resources in a difficult moment like the one we have all experienced. We appreciated Italianonsiferma because it proved to be a simple, quick and concrete opportunity. In addition to obtaining the requested financing, there was a great time saving. Dealing with banks often means making lots of appointments; on the contrary, Banca Generali and Credimi gave us an answer within a few days”.

Our Deputy General Manager Andrea Ragaini comments: “In recent months we have been faced with stories like this that make us proud for two reasons. We have verified that Italianonsiferma has helped important companies for the territory. At the same time, we have offered a quality service for the protection of savings to our customers who have been able to invest in solutions that are not correlated with the risks associated with the volatility of the financial markets."

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