€ 1 million allocated to support the fight against the health emergency. A fundraiser among employees and financial advisors is also underway.

07 April 2020

Banca Generali allocates 1 million euros to face the health emergency

In a time of great difficulty for the country on the health, economic and social front, Banca Generali starts a solidarity project to support those who fight every day to stop the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Bank's Board of Directors - chaired by Giancarlo Fancel - approved the extraordinary allocation of € 1 million to be made available for emergency-related initiatives. The first 250 thousand euros have already been allocated to the Italian Red Cross for the purchase of two mobile resuscitation units complete with life-saving devices.

The commitment to the Red Cross joins the fundraising carried out between Employees and Financial Advisors in memory of Gianni Alitta - private banker of Vigevano who died prematurely precisely because of the virus - which the Bank will double the total amount with further contribution.

The remaining 750 thousand euros will instead be allocated in the coming weeks always to support the health structures that are facing the emergency.

The CEO and General Manager of Banca Generali, Gian Maria Mossa, commented: “The health emergency we are experiencing is stirring the consciences of each of us and urges us to put in place all possible efforts to support those who every day are at the forefront of the battle against this terrible virus. Solidarity in the first place but also a constructive spirit to try to direct ideas to stimulate the challenges of recovery. We are in fact working on several fronts, both by stimulating innovative solutions to bring private savings closer to businesses, and with beneficial initiatives and closeness to people in the area. In this context, alongside the emergency fund put in place by the Generali Group, we have collected the participation and sensitivity of our colleagues by directing them towards the project in favor of the Red Cross that they see us involved with the Bank, also in memory of a loved one colleague consultant who unfortunately left us in the past weeks for the disease ".

The Banca Generali initiative is in addition to those already implemented by the Generali Group which, through a 100 million euro ceiling dedicated to the emergency, has already contributed to the purchase of respirators, masks and other medical material.

The social initiatives are accompanied by the commitment of Banca Generali to support the Italian social and productive fabric, hard hit by the crisis. For this reason, the Bank has created "Italianonsiferma", an issue edited by Credimi and with Generali as anchor investor which aims to mobilize private savings in favor of Italian SMEs.

Finally, to ensure further proximity to people in an emergency, the Bank approved the possibility for all customers to suspend Lombard loans until 31 December 2020, while for the family members of customers who urgently need extraordinary expenses, the Bank provided the green light to timely credit openings on the current account.

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