08 October 2021

Beatrice Venezi at Dal Verme Theater in Milan

A night of great classical music to tribute the city of Milan.

On Wednesday evening, 500 spectators filled the Teatro Dal Verme - still with a reduced capacity due to Covid regulations - to attend the concert dedicated to the city and promoted by Banca Generali Private with the participation of two exceptional performers: Beatrice Venezi and Antonio Alessandri.

Venezi, our testimonial since 2020 and symbolic face of contemporary Italian classical music, conducted the Orchestra de I Pomeriggi Musicali in the performance of two of the most famous pieces in musical history. The opening of the evening was heralded by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Concerto n. 23 for piano in LA major k488". This was followed by Ludwig van Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony No. 6".

Accompanying the Orchestra of I Pomeriggi Musicali was a young Italian musical phenomenon: Antonio Alessandri. Born in Milan in 2006, Alessandri enchanted the audience at the age of just 15 with his piano skills in two of the most complex piano pieces of all time.

Private Banking alongside the world of art and culture

"We are delighted with the success of the evening. After 20 months of pandemic, Milan wants a restart that can not ignore the value of art and culture. This is why we want to continue to promote events of this kind, supporting Italian excellence such as Beatrice Venezi and Antonio Alessandri" commented Massimiliano Melegari, Area Manager of Banca Generali in Lombardy and promoter of the initiative.

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