30 May 2022

Banca Generali is the 'Most Sustainable Private Bank 2022

World Economic Magazine, the U.S. journal dedicated to international business and finance, has named us as the "Most Sustainable Private Bank" of 2022.

Driving the judging is the uniqueness of our development business model launched in early 2019, which allows our Clients' investment portfolios to be associated with the 17 SDGs of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Over time, the project has enabled us to bring sustainable value to our clients' portfolios worth more than 7 billion ESG-certified investment solutions today.

Among the awards bestowed by World Economic Magazine (the full list is available at the website), we have also obtained that as "Best Private Bank for Diversity & Inclusion Italy 2022."

This is thanks to the numerous internal projects launched last year aimed at strengthening female leadership and encouraging the presence of women in the world of financial advice, a sector that in Italy still sees a prevalence of male professionals.

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