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Clean and Affordable Energy: to the discovery of hydrogen with #BG4SDGs


Clean and Affordable Energy: to the discovery of hydrogen with #BG4SDGs

#BG4SDGs, our new round table dedicated to sustainability and innovation.

"Clean and Affordable Energy": focuses on this goal of the UN Agenda 2030, the last talk of #BG4SDGs. In the new roundtable dedicated to energy, the journalist Massimo Sideri explored the topic with Luigi Crema, Head of Research Unit at the Bruno Kessler Foundation, also elected chair of the Technical Committee of Hydrogen Europe Research, an association dedicated to energy development in the field of hydrogen.

It was precisely from hydrogen that Professor Crema started to tell how this element will become increasingly decisive in achieving the goal number 7 indicated by the UN, which aims in detail to "ensure everyone access to economic, reliable energy systems. sustainable and modern".

A dialogue to discover hydrogen, its production costs, the first sectors in which it could be used in a sustainable way, in a global context in which the energy transition becomes crucial also for the recovery and development of the post-pandemic economy.

Also the world of asset management is looking with great interest at these sectors which are attracting more and more investments for the development of technologies and infrastructures, as also demonstrated by the Italian Pnrr issued by the Draghi government.

ESG Sustainable Investment: our commitment to a sustainable future

With this cycle of meeting, We confirms our concrete commitment to the planet Earth and to future generations. Through ESG Sustainable Investments, in 2020 our customers contributed to saving 1,572 million kg of CO2 (equal to the average consumption of 11.1 million car journeys from Milan to Rome) 272 billion liters of water (equal to to 3.9 billion showers) and made it possible to distribute over 2 million organic meals and offer health care to almost 80,000 patients.

What is Sustainable Investing with ESG?

The acronym ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance is used in the economic / financial field to indicate all those activities related to responsible investment that pursue the typical objectives of financial management taking into account environmental, social and governance aspects.

Focusing attention exclusively on financial returns and the fundamentals of a particular sector or company has now become a reductive exercise and, for this reason, investors are paying more and more attention to ESG factors.

Integrating ESG criteria has therefore become central.

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