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#BG4SDGs: the future of the Earth seen from Space


#BG4SDGs: the future of the Earth seen from Space

“Promote actions, at all levels, to fight climate change”.

This is what Goal 13 of the 2030 UN Agenda dedicated to the fight against climate change says, at the heart of our second appointment of #BG4SDGs, the cycle of social media talks dedicated to sustainability with leading figures from the world of culture, science and civil society.

After the first meeting with Prof. Vittorio Pellegrini, scientist and entrepreneur, in which we analyzed the studies on materials and how these were decisive to identify the applications that have ensured the constant evolution of man, now the protagonist will be Valentina Sumini.

Sumini is a space architect, researcher at the Massachusets Institute of Technology and Visiting Professor at the Politecnico di Milano. The scientist works to design and design innovative housing solutions for life on other planets with an approach of protection against an uncontaminated environment. The ability to use the resources of the place without damaging the environment are fundamental elements of these projects that for this reason can be ideal for our planet in terms of sustainability.

#BG4SDGs: the project

#BG4SDGs was born from the desire to expand our concrete commitment to planet Earth and future generations. Through the ESG funds, in 2020, our customers have helped save 1,572 million kg of CO2 (equivalent to the average consumption of 11.1 million car trips from Milan to Rome), 272 billion litres of water (equivalent to 3.9 billion showers) and have allowed over 2 million organic meals to be distributed and healthcare to be provided to nearly 80,000 patients.

All these thanks to our platform, developed in collaboration with Mainstreet Partners in 2018, able to provide an in-depth assessment of the level of sustainability of individual investment strategies and to calculate their impact on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by ONU.

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