12 January 2021

December's total net inflows rises to 5.866 billion with total assests exceeding 74 billion

Banca Generali’s total net inflows amounted to €782 million in December, increasing compared to the previous month.

The YTD total exceeded €5.8 billion, confirming the Bank’s position as a point of reference for customers, especially in the private banking segment.

Total assets were above €74 billion as of the end of December 2020.

Banca Generali's total net inflows at the end of 2020

In 2020, net inflows neared €5.9 billion overall (€5.1 billion in 2019). Managed solutions reached €3.2 billion (+71% compared to 2019), sharply increasing thanks to the growing attention towards liquidity conversion due to the current economic and financial scenario.

In detail, with regard to managed solutions, the Luxembourg-based Sicav LUX IM showed an acceleration compared to the already solid uptrend reported in the previous months with retail net inflows of €261 million in December. Insurance and financial wrappers and retail net inflows of third-party funds within our open architecture platform thus confirming the attention to portfolio diversification.

In December, new Assets under Advisory amounted to €177 million (€1.3 billion in 2020), reaching a total of €6.0 billion, steadily increasing compared to €4.7 billion for the previous year (+28%) and thus achieving the highest level of the 2021 target set under the 2019 2021 Strategic Plan one year ahead of schedule.

Our CEO's comment

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Gian Maria Mossa stated: “We are truly proud of our work alongside our clients and the results we have achieved. December was one of the best months ever in the Bank’s history and, despite all the complexity and criticalities of this awful crisis, we were able to increase our net inflows to nearly €6 billion. The skill, dedication and determination of our bankers and professionals once again proved the excellence of our network, which stood by our clients during the moments of greatest volatility as they made their wealth protection and planning decisions. A professional approach and constant presence is what makes the difference. The solidity and sustainability of our business model rest on the strength and quality of our trusted professionals, as well as on the technology that improves the efficacy of our services. Thanks to these unique traits and the feedback we receive from our clients, we look ahead to the challenges posed by 2021 with renewed confidence.”

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