22 October 2020

Our CEO Gian Maria Mossa took part in the digital event organized by ABI Formazione

Protection, financial advisory, digitalization, sustainability. These are the main themes that our CEO Gian Maria Mossa illustrated this morning in the annual event "Banks, Investment Services and Retail Customers" organized by ABI Formazione to discuss how the private savings industry and the relationship with customers will change after the pandemic.

The digital event was attended by numerous guests including economists and top executives from other banks who met in a debate on this moment still affected by the pandemic, starting with sustainability and digital.

Our CEO said that the protection of assets in the long term is a key element for Banca Generali. The role of sustainability is a trend that is already present and that within a few years will be dominant over traditional investments. Without forgetting the digital, a world established in this period and which will be decisive also in the future in which it will not replace the human relationship but will be a valid help for the consultant who can mprove the quality of his service.

Banca Generali's path

Gian Maria Mossa showed Banca Generali's path:

"In the first period of Covid, we pursued a more social than economic goal by staying close to the country. We have tried to support both the healthcare system and the entrepreneurial system with securitization initiatives of the debts of SMEs through collaboration with fintech such as Credimi, bringing support to companies in difficulty".

"We then focused on the economic goals which needed a strong lever on people's engagement to have one direction: we put employees and consultants at the center of this process with whom we shared the need to focus on customers. Customers who immediately expressed, first of all, a need for protection and technological clarity".

"The lesson learned from Covid is that being digital is important but it is even more important to bring closeness to our people. This situation has pushed our consultants to reassert themselves even more as "directors" of the various customer relationships, in a logic that increasingly enhances their professional figure"

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