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What will the world look like after COVID-19?


Markets after COVID-19

Banca Generali' commitment is at the side of savers to drive them in the difficult scenario post Covid-19. Today our Deputy General Manager Andrea Ragaini was live on our Facebook channel together with: Elena Cardella, Strategist Fixed Income at BlackRock, and Maria Paola Toschi, Market Strategist of JP Morgan AM, moderated by Andrea Cabrini, Managing Director at Class CNBC.

At the center of debate the Fallen Angels', companies whose bond rating has suffered a decline due to the crisis by Coronavirus.

Deputy GM's comment

The world of credit has been very affected by the pandemic and this has generated strong uncertainties both on the credit situation and on the solidity of companies. The fallen angels are one of the phenomena that occurred as a consequence but, if we look at history, we see that over time there is room for recovery. However, a good deal of confidence, and banks and governments are doing their part here.

Then there is the market component. Fallen Angels must be considered as an asset class but only for diversification, it is impossible to think that an investment portfolio can be composed only by this. We need to be helped by professional private bankers to develop diversification that we have been talking about for years and that is becoming increasingly important today.

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