07 April 2021

International Business Magazine: Banca Generali named "Best Private Bank in Italy 2021"

For the fourth consecutive year, the International Business Magazine has named Banca Generali as "Best Private Bank in Italy 2021".

The award shows the increasingly authoritative role of the Bank led by our CEO Gian Maria Mossa in the Italian private banking and wealth management industry, enhancing the extraordinary work of our financial advisors, alongside clients to support them in their life projects, and the dedication of all in trying to bring more and more quality and innovation to the challenges related to the protection of assets in the long term.

Every year, the International Business Magazine organizes the Intlbm Awards with the aim of highlighting financial companies that have distinguished for the quality of services and products offered in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

International Business Magazine

The newspaper from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) analyzes the trends of the international financial sector through an independent jury made up of journalists and analysts. The jury has awarded Banca Generali and its innovative digital model built through a unique model that combines the centrality of financial advisory and wealth planning services with a network of consultants at the top of the sector in terms of competence and professionalism.

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