28 May 2020

The future of Digital Wealth Management: the first Italian research

This morning was held the presentation of “L’evoluzione del Wealth Management: tra Digital e Open Innovation”, the analysis conducted by CeTIF, the research center of Catholic University of Milan, to analyze the evolutionary state of Italian wealth management in comparison with international best practices.

The event was attended by our CEO Gian Maria Mossa together with:

  • Federico Rajola, Professore Ordinario di Organizzazione Aziendale e di Project Management e Direttore del CeTIF;
  • Carlo La Rosa, Research Manager del CeTIF;
  • Nadia Linciano, Head of Economic Studies di CONSOB.

Global Wealtech View 2020

Global Wealtech View 2020 is the first report that collects the main innovations in the global market and evaluates their application in the Italian market. The analysis conducted by CeTIF shows how the FinTech revolution is reshaping the entire Italian financial ecosystem through digital propositions based on customer centricity.

Among the models analyzed, Banca Generali's is the most advanced in the national panorama of digital wealth management which has already implemented a digital transformation strategy since 2013 to support the client-consultant relationship with the creation of an open ecosystem with a logic of " open innovation "which today places it at the top in the choice of both private customers and financial advisors.

Our CEO's comment

Gian Maria Mossa, CEO and General Manager of Banca Generali,  said: “The analysis presented today by CeTIF shows that digitization is increasingly pervasive in the savings sector, so much so that it also influences a traditional field such as that of wealth management. The examples that come to us from some international experiences, in particular from Anglo-Saxon countries, demonstrate how every attempt to disintermediate the professional figure in the face of more complex needs has had little comforting results, failing to compensate for the complexities with the only contribution of technology that come from the patrimonial dynamics. As a private bank, we have been focusing for some time on an open banking model capable of matching the technological best practices with the most functional platforms for our bankers into our digital ecosystem. In the future of private banking, therefore, we always see the relationship of trust between the private banker and customers with technology that plays a crucial role in offering opportunities and quality of service.

Wealtech Index 2020

*The presentation of “L’evoluzione del Wealth Management: tra Digital e Open Innovation” was also an opportunity to illustrate the results of the 2020 edition of the Wealtech Index, the indicator that analyzes and measures over time the innovation drivers that are shaping the business models of Italian financial operators.

Download documents with the official research conducted by the CeTIF and discover more.

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