14 October 2020

Sustainability: Banca Generali promoted by MSCI

Triple B for Banca Generali that improves the MSCI ESG Rating, the sustainability index developed by MSCI.

At least three elements played a crucial role in the transition from a BB to BBB assessment:

Our platform for a common goal: sustainability

Since February 2019, 3 billion of AuM have already been managed in 100% sustainable portfolios thanks to our innovative platform which has proved to be an alternative not only for commitment to the planet but also for increasing levels of portfolio diversification.

MSCI ESG Ratings: what is it?

The MSCI Index measures company resilience in the medium to long term by assessing the role of sustainability in risk analysis. Through an artificial intelligence platform, MSCI develops its rankings each year giving global investors a new asset for the valuation of investments in listed companies.

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