24 September 2020

Sustainable Development Goals: our customers' favourite

Innovation, environmental protection and people care: these are the main interests of Italians to support the relaunch of the industry, the commitment to the climate and the health and well-being of people.

The results emerge from the analysis of the portfolios of our customers that focus on sustainability through the Banca Generali's innovative platform dedicated to the ESG.


According to the analysis, these are the most chosen SDGs:

  1. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9)
  2. Climate Action (13)
  3. Decent Work and Economic Growth (8)
  4. Affordable and Clean Energy (7)
  5. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (16)
  6. Good Health and Well-Being (3)

Banca Generali and MainStreet Partners: The innovative platform

About a year and a half after the launch of the platform, the target of 3.5 billion euros of assets invested in ESG instruments has already been crossed, achieving significant objectives in terms of sustainability.

The new technology consists of an algorithm developed with MainStreet Partners capable of associating the investment instruments with the 17 SDGs of the United Nations 2030 Agenda with the aim of quantifying the contribution of each saver to the sustainability goals.

How It Works

On the platform, the private banker starts a search by type of financial instrument by selecting a thematic area of a social, environmental or governance type chosen by the client. A complete screening of the sustainability level and the related management team is available for each product / fund.

The highly innovative element is the ability to measure concrete results in terms of social, environmental and governance contributions. The platform also allows you to maximize the sustainability of a portfolio based on specific requests, depending on the customer's risk profile, personal needs and sensitivity related to preferred SDGs.

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