28 September 2020

Banca Generali awarded for the best ESG strategy

The decision to focus on sustainable investments rewards Banca Generali. Sensitivity to the ESG world is also recognized at an international level, so much so that the English magazine Capital Finance International has appointed the Bank led by Gian Maria Mossa as "Best ESG Private Banking Solutions 2020" as part of its annual awards.

The jury of the award - composed of financial analysts and journalists - appreciated the proprietary platform of Banca Generali that brings the social objectives of customers within the portfolios, exploiting a particular algorithm able to quantify the return in terms of sustainability of each individual investment.

The project

A project that prompted the panel of experts to define Banca Generali as a "Best ESG Private Banking Solutions 2020". To date, the private bank manages on behalf of its customers more than 3.5 billion euros of assets invested in ESG certified products (equal to 14% of total assets under management), thanks to an offer that makes available to Italian savers an investible universe of 206 Esg certified funds, in addition to 4 dedicated management lines.

"We are happy with this recognition that rewards our commitment to bring Italian savers closer to the challenge of sustainability - said Gian Maria Mossa, CEO and General Manager of Banca Generali, who adds - today more than ever, we are convinced of the need to pursue a sustainable growth, which is capable of generating positive value for the entire community in which we operate. A conviction that we also share with our customers, as evidenced by the fact that in just 18 months we were able to reach and exceed the three-year goals we set for ourselves by presenting our plan dedicated to ESG investments".

CFI - Capital Finance International

CFI Capital Finance International is an English magazine dedicated to economics and finance that analyzes changes and different approaches to business at a global level. Every year, the magazine organizes the CFI Awards, rewarding companies that stand out internationally in terms of innovation, digitization and sustainability. The award as "Best ESG Private Banking Solutions 2020" follows the awards dedicated to sustainability already achieved by Banca Generali in 2019 at the MF Awards (Best Italian Bank for ESG Strategy) and the Areté Award (Best sustainable communication strategy).

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