05 November 2021

Private Banking: Banca Generali is the best according to the Financial Times

According to the journalists of the Financial Times Group publications, Banca Generali is the "Best Private Bank in Italy" in 2021.

For the fourth time in the last five years, therefore, the most important recognition in the industry certifies the quality and uniqueness of our development path in wealth advisory services to families.

A path that has undergone a strong acceleration in recent years thanks to a proprietary platform of advanced advisory services - BG Personal Advisory - which is unparalleled in the Italian market and now represents a real benchmark also at international level in the world of private banking.

Just last June, the Financial Times judged us as "Best private bank in Europe for use of technology" on the occasion of the Wealth Tech Awards 2021.

The jury and the award ceremony

The award as "Best Private Bank in Italy 2021" was officially announced at the official ceremony of the Global Private Banking Awards.

The jury of the award - composed of journalists from the Financial Times, The Banker and PWM group publications - rewarded the growth path of the Bank, which in this record-breaking 2021 managed to achieve the results of the 2019-21 three-year plan even six months in advance.

Merit of an offer platform that combines the different expertise in the field of digital wealth management to make available to the network of advisors all the tools needed to meet the planning needs of customers.

According to the experts of the British publishing group, in fact, our strength is the ability to decline technology on its people, enhancing the quality of advice and the value of the consultant-client relationship.

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