29 September 2020

Banca Generali, with the "phygital" the relationship between banker and customer grows

The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it many changes and accelerated some trends.

First of all, the process of digitalization that has been going on a very long time in Banca Generali and that sees in perspective the digital side by side with the personal relationship.

In this context, the evolution of the world of financial advisory is increasingly fast and all banks are called to approach innovation with new solutions and tools designed by start-ups, universities and research institutions. These are trends that should not replace traditional models based on the relationship of trust between consultant and saver.

According to our CEO Gian Maria Mossa "the examples that come from some international experiences, in particular in the Anglo-Saxon countries, show that any attempt to disintegrate the professional figure in the face of more complex needs has had disappointing results. The contribution of technology alone failed, in fact, to compensate for the complexities that come from the patrimonial dynamics of families".

The digital to support the relationship

Banca Generali's commitment is to integrate the digital aspect with the personal one.

Gian Maria Mossa explains: "As a private bank we have long focused on an open banking model able to deal with the best technological practices trying to integrate into our digital ecosystem the most functional platforms for the work of our bankers. In the future of private banking we always see the relationship of trust between the professional and the customers with the technology that plays an increasingly important role in offering opportunities and quality to the service".

Our Deputy General Manager Commercial Networks & Alternative and Support Channels Marco Bernardi believes that "there will certainly be a greater importance of digital, with the use of a greater number of tools that will have to become part of the hard skills of the consultant. This process, however, will see the private banker as a key figure who will constantly focus on the relationship and trust with the customer, enriching it also thanks to digital tools".

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