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ABI round table: Banca Generali's digitalization for the banker-client relationship


ABI round table: Banca Generali's digitalization for the banker-client relationship

The relationship between digitalization and wealth management is getting closer and closer.

This growing trend was discussed during the round table organized by the ABI entitled: Fintech and strategic risk in wealth management.

With the moderation of Paola Musile Tanzi, Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries at the University of Perugia, our Deputy General Manager, Andrea Ragaini, Filippo Casolari, Deputy General Manager Cassa Lombarda, Marco Dinu, Senior Manager of Bain met.

Ragaini talked about how Banca Generali has faced the challenge of digitalization: “Our approach has always been based on a service model brokered by the private banker and for this very reason we set out to develop our digital wealth management. We started as a first step with the development of internal platforms with many solutions aimed at our consultants that can be used during their working day".

It also accelerated on another front. Here Andrea Ragaini said: "Especially since 2017 we have embraced the development of open platform architecture through the acquisition from the market of vertical services that could give value to consultants and customers. Important choices led us to sign significant market partnerships such as those with Bg Saxo for trading or with Conio for cryptocurrency digital wallets. The best way to be ready to always offer the best solutions to our customers ".

Ragaini then concluded: “Our path to digitization, therefore, can be summed up in these two steps. The first is dedicated to the development of platforms for direct use by the consultant, the second linked to the vertical integration of platforms acquired on the market or created through partnerships. The digital approach that today we can say is fundamental for Banca Generali represents one of the decisive pillars of our strategy without forgetting the other two that make up our wealth management, namely investment solutions and services that have the overall management of assets as their goal"

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