20 October 2020

New trends in the world of private savings: Fintech and Sustainability

Fintech and Sustainability. It is the combination on which we are aiming more and more, not only to overcome this complex year, but also for the future. As Banca Generali, we believe these are the main trends in the world of private savings that have been producing positive results.

At the end of September, the total assets invested in this type of solutions by our customers reached 3.8 billion euros, equal to 13.7% of the total assets managed. (+ 1.2% compared to the previous quarter).

Solutions increasingly requested by customers who also appreciate the possibility of managing these investments through the innovative platform that we developed in 2019 in collaboration with MainStreet Partners, a company that has been active for over 10 years in the field of sustainable finance.

Ragaini: fintech and sustainability for portfolios to face the crisis

In an article in Corriere Economia, our Deputy General Manager Andrea Ragaini says: "We have combined fintech and sustainability and created a digital platform to develop portfolios in line with the saver's sustainability objectives, choosing among the products that invest in the 17 SDGs of the UN Agenda 2030 as food security, zero poverty, better education. Furthermore, through a proprietary algorithm, we can provide the customer with the result produced by his investments in the chosen areas. We are convinced that digital represents a further strength for the spread of sustainable investment assets, whose value in terms of diversification and decorrelation from the markets is now widely demonstrated ".

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