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Edouard Cukierman special guest of #BG4SDGs


Edouard Cukierman special guest of #BG4SDGs

"Promote lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth": this is the goal set by SDG number 8 of the UN Agenda 2030. But how can such an ambitious goal be pursued?

This is what we asked ourselves in the new #BG4SDGs event, our series of talks dedicated to sustainability that analyzes the progress of individual objectives.

On this occasion, we had an exceptional guest as Edouard Cukierman, Founder and Managing Partner of Catalyst Investments.

The interview, held in our BG Training & Innovation Hub in Milan, saw Cukierman talking with Massimo Sideri, Director of Corriere Innovazione, on the economic sectors that are driving long-term global growth, such as high-tech.

Cukierman states: "The startup sector has generated impacts on employment and other sectors of the economy that have benefited from the positive effects induced by the growth of high-tech. In the last 25 years we have seen how venture capital has driven these two sectors which in the first 9 months of the year alone saw investments of 15 billion dollars".

Cukierman did not fail to focus on the partnership between Banca Generali and Catalyst, allies in the field of investments in the real economy within the great ecosystem of BG4Real.

He also adds: “It is a pleasure for us at Catalyst to have an investor like Banca Generali, attentive to these logics of sustainability and thanks to which we can support companies here in Israel that are also attentive to innovation and with a strong drive for growth in a sustainable key, whose benefits will certainly also affect Italy".

Banca Generali and responsible investment

In line with the objective of fostering the transition to sustainable models of economic development and generating lasting value, we have adopted specific policies for responsible investment.

Moreover, thanks to the use of ESG indicators and screening tools, developed with the support of external advisors, we are able to determine whether the companies we invest in are involved in controversial sectors or have violated the UN Global Compact.

We do this in order to support our clients in building portfolios that take into account their different personal ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals.

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