24 July 2020

G of ESG, Banca Generali’s governance is increasingly sustainable

Banca Generali's sustainability is also growing in Governance. This is confirmed by the Integrated Governance Index, a quantitative analysis model of the degree of integration of ESG factors in corporate strategies, developed by ETicaNews. Banca Generali ranked 12th overall, 3rd among italian banks and 1st among private banks.

The IGI survey is based on a quantitative index based on a company questionnaire. In 2020, 74 of the main Italian companies (58 of which are listed) joined the project, now in its fifth edition.

A step forward for Banca Generali: this year we reached 12th place in the overall ranking, an improvement of 5 positions compared to last year. Our positions have improved significantly compared to the 10 areas analyzed, starting from the code of discipline and sustainability up to Esg digital Governance.

This result pushes us to do better and better to continue to distinguish ourselves among the most advanced Italian companies that combine governance models with a commitment to sustainability.

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