04 April 2022

Museo del Novecento and BG Art Gallery: Banca Generali initiatives for Milan ArtWeek

The Milan ArtWeek ended yesterday with exceptional numbers for the entrances to the Museo del Novecento and those at our BG Art Gallery.

There were well almost 3.000 tickets detached from the Museo del Novecento on Saturday 2nd April, when the free admission offered by the Bank attracted enthusiasts and non-fans to the halls of the main Milanese museum dedicated to contemporary art.

Among the initiatives of the week, BG Art Gallery also received a wide response from the public. Our new exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art which in fact welcomed over 300 visitors who were thus able to admire for free a selection of works from the BG collection, among which those selected by Vincenzo De Bellis as part of the BG ArTalent project stand out.

Michele Seghizzi, Marketing and External Relations Director of Banca Generali, said: “We are delighted with the extraordinary success recorded by the Museo del Novecento on the occasion of the free opening that we organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan on the occasion of Milan ArtWeek 2022. The desire of art of the Milanese and not only was confirmed by the number of visitors who placed our BG ArtGallery within their personal circuit of artistic enjoyment. These are data that can only make us enthusiastic, confirming once again the role of art as a driving force for social renewal after two years made complicated by the pandemic. For this reason we want to continue our commitment to offer our contribution not only to the city of Milan, but to the entire panorama of Italian contemporary art".

The opening of the BG Art Gallery

Archived the preview experience on the occasion of Milan ArtWeek 2022, our BG Art Gallery will remain open to the public throughout the year.

Admission will be free and possible every Wednesday, from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00.

The space will also be the subject of ad hoc itineraries and personal exhibitions of young emerging artists of the Italian contemporary art scene.

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