24 June 2021

BG4Women: a new project for Diversity & Inclusion

A new project for Diversity & Inclusion with a program of initiatives aimed specifically at women.

During this week, we launched BGWomen: a women's empowerment project dedicated to all the Bank's professionals and aimed at strengthening the increasingly fragile work-life balance in post-pandemic society.

Developed through a course of webinars and digital classrooms, BGWomen will be led by a team of psychologists and testimonials who will have the task of developing self-leadership by giving energy and creating empowerment.

The meetings will focus on all the main challenges facing the female world today: from the problem of exclusion to the search for awareness and the ability to cope with multitasking. It will be also an important opportunity to raise awareness among all colleagues on what may be the main difficulties that a woman generally finds herself experiencing in the workplace.

Banca Generali at the forefront in Gender Equality

"The pandemic and the events of the last two years have put a strain on the lives of each of us, generating an additional level of stress on women who still represent in too many cases the weakest link in our society. With this project we want to help our professionals to increase their awareness to manage the personal and professional challenges that life puts before us with renewed determination”commented our Human Resources Manager Valentina Frezza.

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