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Banca Generali brings Private Banking to World Manufacturing Week 2021



21 October 2021

Banca Generali brings Private Banking to World Manufacturing Week 2021

Yesterday, on the occasion of World Manufacturing Week 2021, our Deputy General Manager Andrea Ragaini took part in the round table "Financial instruments for a new economic management" organised by LIUC University and the World Manufacturing Foundation to understand which financial instruments companies need to continue to grow in a changed and complex market context.

The annual event, dedicated to an in-depth examination of the best governance practices for relaunching the future of manufacturing by making it inclusive and responsible, was the right opportunity to emphasise the crucial role of Private Banking, which works alongside SMEs with the savings of Italian families in order to generate a virtuous circle that supports the real economy.

Deputy General Manager Andrea Ragaini commented: "Investing in the real economy requires looking at a long-term horizon, within which the investor is accompanied to make the best choices. To do this, three elements are necessary: the first is regulation, with the creation of a series of structures and instruments, such as eltifs, that enable private retail savings to finance the real economy; the second is taxation, with incentives from governments; and the third is good governance rules that accelerate the process of bringing private capital closer to the real economy".

He adds: "At Banca Generali we have created a project, BG4Real, which aims to build investment tools suitable for bringing private savings to the real economy by changing the paradigm of traditional investments. Training plays a key role in this: training for advisors, who need to be aware of new market dynamics that differ from the traditional ones, and training for Italian savers, who for years have only looked at private banking from the perspective of bond investments".


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